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A man is looking closely at framed prints of fish while other people talk behind him

Exhibition: Art at the Treehouse, September 2023

Posted: 19th October 2023

Art at The Treehouse was an exhibition of artworks created by people with early-stage dementia and their companions handmade during Arts for Dementia’s Art at The Treehouse programme in Southwark. Participants explored a range of techniques, bringing their own ideas, skills and experiences to create the collection, which featured prints, dyed fabrics, paintings, and collages. The workshops were delivered by experienced artists Seiwa Cunningham, Melissa Fry, and George Rosa Murphy.


This exhibition opened as part of the Urban Elephant Festival in September 2023. It will now tour from October 2023 – March 2024 in venues across the UK, to highlight the importance of creative activity for people affected by dementia, and demonstrate what can be achieved post-diagnosis.

Artworks featured in the exhibition have been created by participants: Zarina, Janet, Ronald, Sue, Jeanine, Isabelle, Roger, Maggie, Anhtu, Katie, Inez, Andrew S, Dave, Gill, Lesley, Jojo, Sean, Julia, Kathleen, Caroline, Andrew H, Annie, Shafiya, Wendy, and Richard.
This exhibition was possible thanks to their dedication and creativity.

Written by Penny Fosten

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