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Who we are

At Arts for Dementia, we transform the lives of people living with dementia and those who care for them, through the joy of the arts.

Since 2011 we have delivered and championed meaningful artistic activities that profoundly enhance wellbeing and harness creative skills that we know remain vibrant for years after diagnosis.

We aim to build a community that helps people live life to the full.

Vision, mission and values

Our vision

The future we want to see

Nationwide access to appropriate artistic stimulation that enables all people affected by dementia to live more fulfilled, active lives, at home and in the community.

Our mission

What we’re doing to achieve our vision

In collaboration with artists and cultural organisations we support, promote and deliver inspiring arts activities for people living with the early stages of dementia.

Our values

How we work

  • Creative

  • Inclusive

  • Collaborative

  • Empowering

  • Inspiring

Our History



Inspired by her motherโ€™s response to a cellist playing live, our Founder Veronica Franklin Gould researched the impact of arts on dementia. She identified a real need for those in the early stages of dementia, who are still living at home, and began working with arts organisations to deliver our first workshops.

Veronica is behind a podium and microphone, smiling towards the audience

London arts challenge

We delivered eighteen weekly projects at arts venues around the capital, including visual art, dance, drama, music, photography and poetry and published the resulting evaluation, Reawakening the Mind.

2013 and 2015


We won the Dementia Award at the inaugural Positive Practice Awards in Mental Health 2013, which celebrated the best in mental health practice by individuals, teams and organisations. We also won an Adult Learnerโ€™s Week Award in 2015, celebrating our commitment to adult learning to transform lives.


First networking forum for arts facilitators

We brought together artists and cultural organisations to share examples of great activities and good practice happening around the country, making space for people to share challenges and generate solutions together.


Social prescribing roadshow

We understand the vital role of social prescribers when it comes to encouraging people with dementia to join activities. In 2020 we ran a social prescribing roadshow around the country, raising awareness of the benefits of the arts and the great local activities on offer, and moved the last ones online during Covid.


Delivering online

When we were unable to deliver in-person programmes we began Chatty Wednesdays, a weekly online creative workshop that helped people living with dementia, and their families stay engaged and connected. This continues today as Art Wednesdays.


Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

We delivered our first intergenerational programme, having trained a cohort of Fine Art students to lead a unique visual arts programme with their professor, Alex Schady. The workshops have since been made part of the curriculum, having started online and they are now held in-person at the impressive Central Saint Martinโ€™s studios.

We need your support

With your help, we can continue to provide groundbreaking initiatives. Your valuable donations mean that people living with dementia, and those that care for them, can access our uplifting events. Whether itโ€™s ยฃ10 or ยฃ10,000, you can make a difference today.

  • Project
  • Visual Arts

Art School with Central Saint Martins, 2023

We have been working with the fantastic team at Central Saint Martins for a few years, and returned there in February for our intergenerational programme as part of the BA Fine Art curriculum. Taking place in the extraordinary on-site art studios, participants with dementia and companions created artworks using print reliefs, foil wrapping, paint, CGI equipment, and a wealth of other high quality and innovative materials available at the university.

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More ways to support us

  • Partner with us

    We collaborate with galleries, museums, community spaces and artists to deliver our programmes. If you would like to explore working with us, please get in touch.

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  • Fundraise for us

    Whether itโ€™s a personal challenge, sporting goal or birthday fundraiser, your events make all the difference. If you are feeling inspired and would like our support, we would love to hear from you.

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    Volunteer for us

    Your time is invaluable to us. Fancy supporting at one of our workshops to helping with our communications? We can help find the role for you. Help those living with dementia realise their potential.

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