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And older man is laughing while holding a pen and a clear piece of plastic he has been drawing on. An older woman is watching, and the hand of someone out of shot is drawing colourful lines on a clear piece of plastic.

Art School with Central Saint Martins, 2022

Posted: 19th March 2022

This intergenerational multimedia programme was a collaboration with one of the foremost art schools in the UK and has resulted in an extraordinary partnership and subsequent programmes as part of the curriculum.

Led by some of the UK’s leading students from BA Fine Art under the inspired tutelage of their
Programme Director for Art, participants with dementia and companions were guided through visual arts activities. For the virtual programme (due to the pandemic), participants were sent art materials to create artworks in their own homes and in-person programmes have and are now taking place in the extraordinary on-site art studios.

Participant benefit: The opportunity for one-on-one practical interaction with visual artists to improve cognitive stimulation, learn new skills, inspire, increase confidence, and build social connection.

Student benefit: Education and experience working with people with early-stage dementia, furthering their arts practice and providing the necessary skills to continue community impact. The workshops will spread awareness and understanding, and demonstrate effectively how the arts can be used as a tool for health.

I live alone and whole days pass without my speaking to anyone, so
today’s session was most welcome.
” Participant with Dementia

Written by Penny Fosten

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